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What We Do

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Innovate & Manufacture

We design and manufacture unique air care products and delivery systems for consumer and commercial markets around the world.  


We use raw materials that are on-trend, safe and compliant, and have cross-functional applications in other product categories. 

Launch & Deliver

Leverage our turnkey global supply chains to launch and deliver your concepts to market. We also validate new technology, benchmark new products against industry leaders, nearshore existing supply chains, and help ensure your products perform, are stable, and regulatory compliant.

R & D

Research & Development

Think of us as an extension of your Applications Lab. We love new technologies and exploring ways to improve upon existing.  We target solutions that are sustainable and affordable. Our in-house R&D focuses on product performance, length-of-life, and stability, and we also help clients bring their projects across the finish line.


Proprietary Technologies 

Finding the right technology is key.  We help clients select appropriate and often unique tech for their products.  We also design and offer proprietary solutions, which includes patented  designs, resins, gels, non-wovens, and mineral formulations, including our SolidActive®, which is a Green Seal Approved Raw Material.  

Supply Chain

Full Service

Discover, test, launch, and manage products with our full service team.

Supply Chain Management

 Utilize our global vendor network partnerships and supply chain capabilities.


Leverage our industry knowledge, technology, benchmarking techniques, and global partnerships.

Proofing Concepts

Validate your concepts with our evaluation team and resources.

White Fabric

Schedule a Meeting

We collaborate with established brands and entrepreneurs to innovate, manufacture, and deliver air care solutions using proprietary technologies. If you have an idea, let's discuss how Scent2Market can bring it to life.

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